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Diploma in Web Design

Whether you are looking to build your own corporate website, become a professional freelancer, or even take the time and effort to create an online platform to compete with industry leaders; After this course you will have a solid footing in the languages and processes needed to become a creator on the web, no longer just an observer.

Week 1 – Introduction to Web Design
Week 2 – HTML & CSS
Week 3 – Planning a Website
Week 4 – Responsive Web Design & CSS Tricks
Week 5 – Libraries, Frameworks, & Animations
Week 6 – Media, Copyright & Menus
Week 7 – Going Live
Week 7 – Past Present Future

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Advanced Diploma in Web Design

Are you looking to become a freelance web designer? You will be able to after this course, with the skills you will learn. If you want to build your own full scale personal or business website, you will have already started it before the course ends. If you want to take the time and effort to build a platform to compete with industry leaders, this course will give you a comprehensive solid footing in the languages and processes needed to create any site.

Working with WordPress

Week 1 – The WordPress Content Management System
Week 2 – Editing Templates and Plugins
Week 3 – Advanced Templates and Plugins
Week 4 – Building a Company Website

All About Semantics Semester

Week 1 – Introduction to Web 3.0
Week 2 – HTML5 & CSS3 Extended
Week 3 – Mobile First Design
Week 4 – Building a Portfolio Website

Building with Bootstrap

Week 1 – The Bootstrap Framework
Week 2 – Bootstrap Extended
Week 3 – The HTML Club 3.0
Week 4 – Bootstrap Templates

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Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Graphic Design introduces students to the basic concepts of Graphic Design and to the world of Visual Communication. Students will explore the concept of Visual Thinking, Elements & Principles of Design and the basics of Typography. The course also familiarises students with the essential software, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and builds skills in this area with hands-on lessons.

Course Details

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Graphic Design
Lesson 2 – Elements & Principles of Design
Lesson 3 – Photoshop Introduction
Lesson 4 – Introduction to Typography & Adobe Illustrator Overview
Lesson 4 – Logo Creation with Adobe Illustrator
Lesson 4 – Designing for the Web
Lesson 4 – Print & Pre-Press Basics and InDesign Introduction

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Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design

Our comprehensive Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design course provides you with the necessary skills and a solid understanding of the key areas of Graphic Design. You will develop your level of expertise and confidence in the many components of visual communication. With an in-depth knowledge of the Principles of Design you will learn to create professional designs in both print and digital formats as well as gaining valuable insights into the areas of logo creation, image creation, designing for the web, typography and branding. You will further develop your skills in Adobes industry standard applications, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Graphic Design.

Professional Creation Semester

Week 1 – Infographics
Week 2 – Grid Theory
Week 3 – Portfolio Creation
Week 4 – Creative Résumé

Career Semester

Week 1 – Branding & Packaging
Lesson 2 – Advanced Typography
Lesson 3 – Idea Generation & Development
Lesson 4 – Career Advice

Advanced Theory Semester

Week 1 – Advanced Colour Theory
Lesson 2 – Photoshop Essentials
Lesson 3 – Photoshop Filters & Blend Modes
Lesson 4 – Logo Design Principles

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